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Even as our landfills and oceans slowly fill up with dirty debris that are unlikely to
decompose for the next five hundred years, scientists worldwide have woken up to the dire
exigency of climate change. One of the many happy outcomes of such environmentally aware
scientific innovation is the 100% compostable garbage bag. What makes this bag extra-
special is the fact that it is made completely from plant based starches- either cassava, rice,
potato or corn starch, which is what makes it a viable alternative to other petroleum-based
plastics that pollute the soil and with it, the crop as well.
The 100% compostable garbage bags by Ecolastic are made of cornstarch, and unlike other
garbage bags that remain in our soil and water without breaking down for decades or even
centuries, these bags take no more than 180 days to turn into fertile compost. Furthermore, on
decomposition, they enrich the soil instead of depriving it of essential nutrients or polluting it
even further. The 100% cornstarch-based garbage bags manufactured by Ecolastic have been
created in collaboration with DRDO and have been approved by organizations such as the

As a plastic substitute, corn starch has proven to be both sturdy and commercially viable in
recent years. It is now a popular option to traditional plastic and heralds the beginning of a
whole new revolution in garbage disposal. Made of corn starch, these starch products have
the look and feel of plastic but are much more eco-friendly and help us reduce our overall
dependence on oil.
While synthetic plastics made of petroleum have zero benefit for the environment and only
serve to pollute it further, bioplastics such as Ecolastic that are made of compostable
materials like cornstarch or other types of agri-waste are a great way to reduce one’s carbon
footprint. They are easily compostable and biodegradable and further help to enrich the soil if
composted or burnt.
The innovative technology from Ecolastic developed in collaboration with DRDO is used to
produce eco-friendly granules entirely from corn starch, with the ultimate goal of replacing
single-use plastic. Each corn-starch granule is inflated to produce a bag and a small sachet of
five hundred corn starch granules can actually produce five hundred eco-friendly bags.

In addition to making garbage bags, corn starch plastic can also be utilized for various
alternate purposes such as manufacturing carry bags, laundry bags, disposable caps, cutlery,
food containers, disposable aprons, gloves and so on. It has proven to be a highly versatile
product that can take on our environmental challenges viz-a-viz single-use plastic effectively.
According to experts in the field, bioplastics have the potential to be the solution to plastic
pollution, nine million tonnes of which enter our oceans each year. According to a 2017 study
in the US, switching from traditional plastic to corn-based would reduce green-house gas
emissions by 25%.
Each eco-friendly garbage bag you buy is one small step towards saving the environment. Be
a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution.


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